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When it comes to you and your investing,
we don’t go shallow. We dive deep.

200Deep is an automated investment platform with a big difference — our people. One day our team was brainstorming on how we could best leverage our collective experience and knowledge of investing to help everyone – not just wealthy people! That is how 200Deep came to life. We’re all about getting you to think deeper about your financial goals and providing you with a clear way to accomplish them.

Hey, it doesn’t matter where you’re at, what you’re earning, or whether you’ve got a full-time job or a side hustle — if you’ve got some dough set aside, it’s time to think about investing.


Key Team Members

We’re totally committed to your financial success and growing your money to reach your goals. Meet some of our key team members. Eager to help. Smart. Experienced. And they love numbers too. No need to ask, there are some guys who work here as well.

Jackie Reeves AIFA® PPC

Head of Portfolio Strategy and Research

Galina Kuznetsova

Operations and
Trade Execution Manager

Ellen Shea CFA

Client Support Specialist


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Key Features200DeepRobo
Professionals Involved in
Rebalancing Process


No Conflicts of Interest

(we’re independent)

(Top holdings are usually
their own products)

All ETFs in Universe Considered


Rebalance of Portfolio

(We always consider markets,
pricing, target and model drift)

(Depending on Model Drift)

Individual Equities


Specialty Portfolio


Annual Client Review by Humans

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