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Frequently Asked Questions

Does 200Deep earn commissions?

No commissions from trades conducted in an account are earned by 200Deep. This is because we are regulated only as a SEC registered investment advisory firm, which CANNOT earn commissions by law. This is just one way we keep our client’s best interest first, not a commission that can go in our pockets. Learn more about why you should choose 200Deep.

How did 200Deep develop these portfolios?

We’re more than an algorithm. We’re real people with years of combined experience – and we focus it on helping you reach your investment goals.

The 200Deep team developed these portfolios. Unlike almost every other “automated investment platform” available, our team determined that using only “algorithms” to determine someone’s investment account was not a way to take advantage of human beings with a combined hundreds of years of investment industry experience. We developed a hybrid model.

At the very core of our development of these models is a combination of quantitative screening as well as fundamental research. This is research that can’t just happen on a computer. It revolves around good old-fashioned detective work, such as listening to earnings calls, reading annual reports and letters from CEOs, reading about the backgrounds of board members, learning about new products and services coming on board. Just using a numerically based model to determine if a stock is a buy, sell, or hold is going to miss some of the best investment opportunities!

The next piece of our development of these portfolios was to use our proprietary screening models to select the best in breed ETFs (exchanged traded funds) to construct portfolios for clients of 200Deep that have smaller dollars to invest. This gets a client investing and diversified without having large amounts of cash. We focus our proprietary screening on bond investing as well. Most of the portfolios we developed, whether they are ETF only, or a combination of stocks and ETFs contain a certain percentage of fixed income investments to properly diversify clients.

For further information on how our actual model portfolios are constructed, watch this video.

How often will I be getting statements with my account information?

Your statements will be coming every month directly from TD Ameritrade via an email. In order to access that statement simply visit the 200Deep.com homepage and select LOG IN on the upper right of the screen.

There are a couple different types of IRA accounts, how do I know which one to choose?

If you are opening an up an IRA for the first time, you may want to consider opening a Roth IRA OR a Simple IRA. The different between those two has to do with when you pay your taxes. With a Roth IRA, the money you put into the IRA to invest it money have earned AFTER taxes. Therefore, at this moment, that money can be withdrawn during retirement age with zero tax. With a Simple IRA, the money deposited into your investment account is done so with pre-tax dollars, which helps your current year taxes since as of now this is considered a deduction. When you withdraw money from this account during retirement, the money withdrawn will be taxed at your THEN tax rate.

If you have left a job with a 401K plan to which you had contributed, then you are entitled to move that account from that plan into an IRA Rollover account. This is something you may want to consider if you want a broader selection of choices other than what was offered in your 401K plan. Only 401K’s where you no longer work can be rolled into an IRA Rollover account.

For further questions, call us at 833-200-DEEP
See https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/traditional-and-roth-iras

What is tax loss harvesting?

This sounds like a complicated concept, doesn’t it? Actually, it is quite simple. When investing in a non-retirement account (i.e. a regular brokerage account that is not an IRA of some kind), each time a gain is taken in that account when an investment is sold at a profit, there is tax to be paid on that gain. The percentage of tax paid depends on whether the investment had been held for less than or greater than 12 months to be classified as a short-term gain or a long-term gain. To mitigate that tax, selling an investment that has a loss so that the amount of loss taken gets as close to equal as the gains taken, is a way to offset any taxes to be paid that year from investment profits. This is known as tax loss harvesting.

Where can I log in and see my account(s) once open?

Simply visit https://my.200deep.com/login.xhtml or select LOG IN on the upper right of the screen.

Who is behind 200Deep?

200Deep is powered by Bell Rock Capital, LLC. We are a firm that focuses on managing separately managed accounts for all our clients. In addition, we manage as a co-fiduciary a significant number of 401K plans across the country for companies of all sizes.

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